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Who We Are

Learn all about the communities of Margate, Ventnor, and Longport, New Jersey; real estate opportunities, and other items of interest.

Phyllis and Troy

Upon migrating to Absecon Island as a young man in 1982 from the suburbs of Philadelphia I had a clear vision of what my ultimate goal was; to become a licensed builder and land developer. Equipped with ambition, drive, and determination along with an exceptional work ethic, I began my journey to accomplish this goal. Starting out in an entry level position with one of the most highly regarded builders in town, I quickly absorbed and retained the knowledge bestowed upon me and within a relatively short time frame, I became very well versed in all of the trades.

As I grasped and understood the 'nuts and bolts' of each individual trade, I also used this valuable experience honing my skills as a strong communicator and became intensely focused on the value of relationship building in a business setting. During this time of the pursuit of my ultimate goal, I also met my wife Phyllis Scherr. Besides being my life partner Phyllis also became my business partner. Taking full advantage of her background in the arts, wonderful creativity, and business savvy, we created and ran Troy Rosen Builders for a decade or so.

Then, in 2005, after scores of successful projects and making countless contacts running the gamut in the real estate profession, Phyllis thought it wise to transition into the marketing and selling side of real estate. After some initial trepidations on my part, we then mutually agreed to dedicate our work life to become licensed real estate professionals. We applied the same business philosophy, work ethic, and customer service we were known for as developers into our marketing and selling of real estate. The transition was not only a seamless one but an extremely successful one. As every business has a niche or core competence, the FILIS AND TROY niche is the new construction sector of the market. No one is more qualified to or has the hands-on experience to facilitate a real estate transaction regarding new construction as FILIS AND TROY. In the past 10 years, we have become the undisputed leader in the new construction sector as our business has increased each and every year having sold in excess of a quarter billion dollars in sales and closed on approximately 500 transactions and counting.

Who We Are